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    About Us

    After years of teaching, we had worked out that the better organised we were, the better our students learnt.  Like most teachers, we are always on the look out for any teaching resources that help us find the best in our students and makes our jobs easier.  We understand that time is precious (believe us, we have two young daughters) and organising school work at home is always a challenge.  

    Melmarvi Publications was born of a desire to help us organise our own teaching and in the process, create resources to help other teachers.  We would love to guarantee that our resources ensure that you get home by 4 o’clock every afternoon - but as you well know, that probably won’t happen.  Instead, we offer our experience and determination to help make your job just that little bit easier. 

    Marcel, Ella, Melissa and Ariana Viera (2010)

    About Melissa Viera

    Melissa graduated from Australian Catholic University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Education.  She was a primary school teacher for 11 years. She now works in information technology and training.

    About Marcel Viera

    Marcel graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1997 with a Bachelor of Music Education.  He’s currently the Music Coordinator at Cerdon College Merrylands. He regularly performs in various bands and production shows.